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What Equipment is part of a “Light the World” Micro-Grid solution?

A "Light the World" micro-grid solution contains many parts. They include,

  •  Electric Generation Equipment: The electric generation technology will depend upon the location of the system. Solar panels and small wind generation are definitely part of the generation solution. Where biomass and animal waste are available it may be possible to deploy low-cost bio gas generators. It is not clear which technologies are suitable for converting this type of biogas into electricity. Beyond solar and small wind, identifying suitable generation technology is part of "Light the World's" mission.
  •  A cost effective energy storage device must be identified, or potentially designed. Today, batteries, capacitors, flywheels, hydrolyzers with fuel cells are all too expensive and too complicated for deployment in this application. Due to the high efficiency of the LED lighting selected, it is anticipated that a lower cost mechanical solution can be identified for use in our developing world micro-grid solution.
  • Lighting will be provided by LEDs. The LED lighting will run directly on DC supply voltages. The LED lighting must include suitable fixtures.
  • Protective devices that are designed to protect the equipment from failure. “Light the world” will select a DC voltage that is inherently safe for people.
  • Terminal connection devices that are low-cost, simple to use, and are suitable for the selected DC voltage and projected DC current.
  • Cable to interconnect the electric generators, protective devices, lighting, and other electric consumers such as refrigeration, HVAC, and pumps for water.
  • A small micro-grid controller may be required. At this time we anticipate designing the system so voltage and current are managed by the physics of the design. If this proves to be impractical, a small micro-gridcontroller may be required. A small controller might also be required to manage the different uses of electricity. For example, to allow water pumping only during the day so lighting can be operated at night.
  • Micro-grid Connector: “Light the World” will invent the module to connect DC micro-grids together and the connector to connect to an AC Grid.
  • "Light the World's" second priority, although part of its mission, is to provide the electrical the mechanical conversion necessary to run refrigeration, pumps, and small HVAC. At this time we anticipate that these DC motors can be sourced from numerous third parties around the world.

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