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The conditions on the ground in various underdeveloped countries can be quite challenging to nonprofit organizations. Local customs, superstitions, politics, logistics and the capability of the populace must all be taken into account. Even when nonprofit organizations successfully deliver and deploy, they are often long-term failures because they fail to consider how the people will maintain the equipment.

"Light the World" will work with other nonprofit organizations and local organizations to ensure that the equipment is not only delivered and installed correctly, and that there is a long term plan in place to ensure that the lights stay on.

Partner organizations will vary around the world. We anticipate that a primary contact for "Light the World" is the local, in country, electric utility. Many electric utilities in under developed countries have initiatives to bring electric power to their rural populations. "Light the World’s" quick install, low initial capital cost solution will be very attractive to many of these utilities.

"Light the World" will also work with other nonprofit organizations whose mission is to improve the quality of life for people in underdeveloped countries that did not have electricity.

We also anticipate that "Light the World" will work with USAID, and other government agencies where possible. "Light the World’s” core mission is the development and deployment of the systems that will bring electricity to the unlighted world. It is not anticipated that "Light the World" would do local training or local business model development. “Light the World” will train others to do the local training. Government organizations can play a key role in these areas, and "Light the World" will engage and rely on other organizations for these roles.

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