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Light the World’s Vision

Throughout the developed world,   utilities build the grid from the central power plant down to the eventual consumer.   This requires large amounts of capital and it takes a long time to begin delivering the benefits of having electricity to the utility’s customers. 

With today’s technology, Light the World believes that building the grid from the consumer back to the central power plant is more effective.  It delivers the benefits of electricity to the consumer sooner; it requires low amounts of capital to begin delivering those benefits; and, the grid that is developed more effectively meets the needs of today’s consumer than girds built in a traditional way.

Per Household solution:

To achieve the lowest possible capital cost per consumer, a purpose specific design must be completed that focus on cost, safety and maintainability.   Light the Worlds per household solution is shown below:

Grid Development:

Light the World sees the development of a modern gird in a developing country to take place in three phases.

Stage One

Individual Buildings are outfitted with renewable electric systems.   The systems provide only the most basic benefit of having electricity: LIGHTING.  .  It includes the ability to recharge cell phones and the ability to power other small low power consumption consumer electronics such as radios.  Each system is in essence a small DC micro grid.  It has power generation, electricity storage and highly efficient LED lighting. If sufficient capital is available, the system may be sized to include water purification.

Stage Two

Individual Building systems are interconnected to form a larger, but still local DC Grid.  In this stage, water purification in the homes becomes standard and small refrigeration is allowed.   Biomass and other local green generation can be added.  The larger connected system allows for the larger, intermittent loads that are provided by these additional applications.

Stage Three

The local DC grids are interconnected and connected to the utilities main AC distribution system.  At this time, all the benefits and applications of having electricity are available to the population.

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