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We are Light the World. Video

This video is a general overview of Light the World. It is perfect if you want to explain what Light the World is to someone. 


A big thank you to all of those who volunteers who offered their voices.

Directed and edited by Scott Dudzisnk. 

Aug. 2013 Newsletter

Light the World Update

August 2013

Welcome to the first update from Light the World, a Non-Profit, Charitable Organization dedicated to bringing cost effective electricity to the 1.2 Billion People who live without lighting when the sun goes down. 

Recruiting Design Volunteers 

By the end of 2013, Light the World like to commit to utility and NGO partners for the deployment of 500 pilot systems in 2014. Before we can make that commitment, we must make sure that we can deliver. Delivery is highly dependent on having sufficient design volunteers.

The high level design concepts for Light the World's DC mini grid, micro grid, and lighting solutions are posted on the website. Light the World representatives have been meeting with battery and solar panel companies to define these grid elements with the goal of finalizing their specifications by the end of October.   Light the World is actively recruiting volunteers to help complete its systems and component designs.   We need the help of people with experience in electrical and solar system design, LED lighting, electronic design, electronic packaging, lighting design, protection engineers, circuit board layout, selecting electrical components and more.  Volunteers can contribute any amount of time that their schedule permits.  In fact, having one hour of the right persons time can make a big difference.  

Sign up at  

Friends of Light the World continue to grow!

Today, there are 61 registered "Friends of Light the World".  We would like to greatly expand that number.  If you know of others who may be interested in how Light the World plans to bring electricity and lighting to some of the 1.2 billion people in the world who live by firelight, please encourage them to register.

Light the World presentation in Tanzania

A presentation titled "Build the Grid from the Consumer to the Power Plant for a Faster, more Effective, Greener and less costly approach to Electrification” is being prepared by Greg Tosen, ESKOM and Mark Dudzinski, Light the World.  This will be presented at a joint IERE/PIESA conference in September. The presentation addresses the economics and technology of bringing electricity to people who live without electricity today. The full abstract of the presentation is available on the website. 

This presentation is part of Light the Worlds effort to change how electric utilities plan for the expansion of their infrastructure to provide electricity to people who do not have it.  

501(c)3 Update

Light the World is a nonprofit organization incorporated in Georgia. It is also licensed Georgia charity. On May 6, Light the World submitted its application for 501(c)3 status under the US Internal Revenue Code. We have not yet heard back from the IRS on the status of the application. This is not unusual since approval typically takes 5 to 6 months.  Being granted this status by the IRS is important since most US foundations require this classification for grant recipients.

Thank you to Samar Soliman.

Samar is an experienced engineering manager who volunteered to help Light the World.  She has taken a very active leadership role in organizing the Light the World design activities.  She is in the process of contacting many of you who said you would support our design efforts.   Please feel free to contact her directly if you or someone you know wishes to volunteer.

Welcome to Anil Gupta

We would like to welcome Anil Gupta as Light the World’s advisor in India.  Anil has significant experience in power generation, T&D and controls. A brief bio is available on the website. 

Thank you for your contributions

Some of you have contributed financially to Light the World through the website.  Thank you for your contributions. 

An Interesting Technology Tidbit

As we were working through the initial micro grid system design there was a lot of discussion about the system voltage.   There is a document on the website that discusses this issue.   One position was to use 12 Volts DC since this is a common voltage around the world and there are a lot of products available that operate at this voltage.  Others advocated 36 Volts DC because electric fork lifts use this voltage and there are many batteries available.  A clean sheet of paper analysis indicated that we should select 48 Volts DC from a system engineering view.

One strong argument for 48 Volts is that it will be an automotive standard in the future. A recent article in Car and Driver points out that Audi, BMW and Ford already use 48 volts in some of their gasoline powered automobiles due to the heavy electric loads.  



Light the World & IERE

IERE (International Electric Research Exchange) has accepted Light the World as a regular member. There are about 70 member organizations active to date. 

New Electrification Strategy to be presented !   “Build the Grid from the Consumer to the Power Plant for a Faster more Effective, Greener and less costly approach to Electrification” authored by  Greg Tosen, ESKOM & Mark Dudzinski, Light the World will be presented at the 13th IERE General Meeting and the PIESA-IERE African Forum will be held in Tanzania in September 2013.

LTW Mailing Address

Light the World has opened a P.O. Box in Alpharetta, GA in order to better facilitate all methods of donation and interaction with the community. The mailing address:

Light the World Inc. 
P.O. Box 3406

Alpharetta GA, 30023-3046

All donations are welcome, they do ask that you refrain from sending cash. Checks, Money Orders and Cashier’s Checks should be made out to Light the World Inc.

The Light the World P.O. Box will be the mailing address for the foreseeable future, however Light the World has plans to open an office located somewhere in GA. A person close to Light the World says that Light the World is looking into office space located North East of Atlanta; however there is no location is set in stone and would not speculate on a date.


LTW Opens Youtube Channel

Light the World opened its youtube channel, May 22,2013. The channel will host several different categories of videos starting with its first video "Light the World Support Video 1" Categories to be added include video-project updates, deployment videos and an “about us” section.

Click here | Light the World Youtube Channel

In an effort to streamline and improve the resolution of frequently asked questions regarding interaction on the Light the World website and Engineering Solutions Center we are skipping over the traditional means of resolution. By using video to address common issues, the overall experience is greatly enhanced and made much easier. 

-Scott Dudzinski, Program Manager

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