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October 2013 News Letter

Light the World Update
October 2013
Welcome to the October update from Light the World, a Non-Profit, Charitable Organization dedicated to bringing cost effective electricity to the 1.2 Billion People who live without lighting when the sun goes down.

500 Pilot Systems
Light the World plans to deliver 500 pilot systems in 2014. Negotiations will begin shortly with two utilities in Africa. In addition, we have interest from a utility in Southeast Asia and potentially one in Latin America. Our objective is to have the first agreement in place by the end of November.

Recruiting Design Volunteers
Meeting our objective of delivering 500 pilot systems in 2014 and 15,000+ systems every year thereafter is highly dependent on having sufficient design volunteers.

The high level design concepts for Light the World's DC mini grid, micro grid, and lighting solutions are posted on the website. Light the World is actively recruiting volunteers to help complete its systems and component designs. We need the help of people with experience in electrical and solar system design, LED lighting, electronic design, electronic packaging, lighting design, protection engineers, circuit board layout, selecting electrical components, manufacturing engineering and more. Volunteers can contribute any amount of time that their schedule permits. In fact, having one hour of the right person’s time can make a big difference.

Sign up at

Light the World presentation made in Tanzania
A presentation titled "Build the Grid from the Consumer to the Power Plant for a Faster, more Effective, Greener and less costly approach to Electrification” was presented by Greg Tosen, ESKOM at the joint IERE/PIESA conference in September. It describes the technology and economics to the Light the World approach. The slides and text of the presentation is available on the website.

This presentation is part of Light the Worlds effort to change how electric utilities plan for the expansion of their infrastructure to provide electricity to people who do not have it.

501(c)3 Update
Light the World is a nonprofit organization incorporated in Georgia. It is also licensed Georgia charity. On May 6, Light the World submitted its application for 501(c)3 status under the US Internal Revenue Code. The IRS assigned our application to an agent in September. The IRS has asked only three questions; One relating to the paperwork, one on the use of carbon credits and one on the salaries that we included in the budget. Unfortunately, the US Government is now shut down and we have not heard anything since sending our response on September 26. Being granted this status by the IRS is important since most US foundations require this classification for grant recipients.

Thank you to Jennifer Merrill.
Jennifer has agreed to take the leadership role to develop the LED lighting for Light the World. She is an experienced mechanical engineer. You can read about her background on the website. She is assembling the team to work on this project, so if you have an interest in this area, please contact Jenn, Samar or Mark.

Welcome to Bartosz Wojszczyk
We would like to welcome Bartosz Wojszczyk as Light the World’s advisor for SE Asia. Bartosz is the Chief Technology Officer for MERELCO in the Philippines. A brief bio is available on the website.

Friends of Light the World continue to grow!
Today, there are 72 registered "Friends of Light the World". We would like to greatly expand that number. If you know of others who may be interested in how Light the World plans to bring electricity and lighting to some of the 1.2 billion people in the world who live by firelight, please encourage them to register.

Light the Worlds Expanding Social Media Presence
We are expanding our presence on social media to try to gather more support in our effort to bring electricity and lighting to those who live by firelight. You can check out our new sites at: 

Google +:

Thank you for your contributions
We are rapidly approaching the time when we will need to order prototypes of equipment we would supply as part of our micro grid system. If you would like to contribute, you can do so through the website. To those who have contributed, thank you.

An Interesting Point in Light the Worlds Development
We are now at a point where many things need to come together at the same time. We have utilities interested in pursuing our electrification strategy and negotiations are starting, we have some volunteers but we need many more volunteers to help with the design, the government shutdown is delaying the 501(c)3 approval from the IRS which is required to receive grants from foundations, and we are in the process of writing grant applications to raise the money we need to deliver systems. With more hard work and some luck, we can begin supplying electricity and changing people’s lives soon.


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