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The Board of Directors

Mark Dudzinski

Mark is an experienced Chief Marketing Officer for global businesses with sales from $1.3 Billion to over $45 Billion.

• Businesses have included product, equipment, systems, software and services sold direct and through third party channels.
• Experience includes business strategy, market strategy, global marketing, product marketing, vertical marketing, strategic planning, product management, communications and risk management. 
• Industry experience includes: Thermal and Renewable Power Generation; Electric Transmission and Distribution; Industrial Controls and Automation; and some portions of Oil & Gas equipment markets.

Earlier career positions included new product development and introduction, market development, product management, commercial operations and market strategy. This background is complemented with experience as a P&L leader, international joint venture negotiator, and acquisition integration leader.

In the past, I have served on 3 boards including: Six years on the board, and two years as Chairman, of the International Electric Research Exchange (IERE) headquartered in Japan; the board of American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity; and, the board of the GE-Fuji Drives Joint Venture based in Mexico.

Speaking at industry events is enjoyable when I can bring a different view to the audience. Copies of my following speeches are available: “Generation Mix Trends”; “The Economics of Green Power”; “Marketing in Developing Countries”; “Innovation”; “The Future Electric Utility”; “Energy Industry 2020”; and, “Strategy”.

Mark on Light the World (video)

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Eliot Assimakopoulos

Eliot Assimakopoulos is Sales Manager at GE Digital Energy's Grid Automation business. Additionally, he is the commercial leader for GE's Microgrid Solution.

Eliot has more than 20 years of experience in the construction, energy, and high technology industries. For the past several years he has led efforts within GE Digital Energy, GE Global Research, and GE Energy Services to advance technology and market development for smart-grid and renewable energy. Additionally, he framed several strategic partnerships with state, federal, and international government organizations to achieve sustainability objectives. He was also a member of the study team that helped structure what eventually became GE's ecomagination initiative.

Prior to joining GE, Eliot was Executive Vice President for MetroNexus, a $1.2B global technology asset company that he started-up with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. He has also worked with other technology focused companies including Teleglobe International and MCI Communications. 
Additionally, Eliot is frequently a public speaker advocating transformative models for energy & smart-grid and has appeared on media productions such as PBS’ Fred Friendly Seminar & has co-authored several publications related to alternative energy & grid integration.

Ken Caird

Ken Caird is a Senior T&D Systems Engineer at GE Energy. Ken has more than 20 years of experience in smart grid technology working for various branches of GE. He got his first job with General Electric Canada in 1987.  

Ken played a vital role in the GE Energy Executive Innovation Summit in 2011. Where he designed and delivered, based on RBR's I2I and XBC, GE Energy's 1st multidisciplinary Executive Innovation Summit bringing together the world top business and technology leaders. 

The Summit created two future energy strategies. Both were funded on the spot by GE Energy executives.


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