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Electricity is a foundation technology upon which our civilization is built. It allows us to live after the sun goes down, the electronic device symbolizes life in the developed world today.

Light the World is a Non-Profit, Charitable Organization dedicated to bringing cost effective electricity to the 1.2 Billion people who live without lighting when the sun goes down.

“Light the World” will bring electricity to the unlighted world. It will do the following:

  1. Develop a new electrical system that is optimized for cost using LED lighting, solar, small wind, thermal renewable generation and energy storage.  Unlike the grid in today’s developed world, this solution will be DC instead of AC and will operate at a voltage which is inherently safe for the users.
  2. Pre-package the systems so they can easily be assembled in the field without complicated tooling or technical training.
  3. Deliver the new electrical systems for deployment in the unlighted world. “Light the World”  will work with local utilities, utility organizations, government agencies and other nonprofits and NGO’s to deploy these systems.
  4. “Light the World” will work with its partners to provide the necessary training to insure the long-term success of the deployed electrical systems.

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